Press Reviews

"Deux cœurs aimants"

Sacrae Cantiones: Paschal de L’Estocart , 2007, Ramée,


The discovery of the Sacrae Cantiones and the long musical journey that followed have been an exceptional time for Ludus Modalis. The music of this collection, which belongs to the meslanges genre, is extremely varied, both in practical terms (ranging from two to seven voices) and in the different structures and types of writing employed by Paschal de L'Estocart (including psalms built around a cantus firmus, motets, canons, an ode based on a recurring melody, and free forms). The composer, as innovator, exploited all compositional possibilities in service of the text: dissonance, false relations, rhetorical figures and a great variety of rhythmic elements are all integral to his language of musical expression.



DIAPASON D'OR  "A masterstroke for Bruno Boterf's young ensemble". 

Diapason, 2007



"The sound of Ludus Modalis (...) is striking from the first piece".


  Le Monde de la Musique, 2007


"They totally master the art of pure intonation".


Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant, Kunst & Cultuur, 20077


"The interpretation is extremely pure (...) emphazising the composer's great musical imagination".


J. L. Fernandez, Scherzo, 2007


"The French mixed a cappella ensemble, Ludus Modalis, led by Bruno Boterf, specializes in music of this era, and sings with passion and authority. Their intonation is immaculate and their tone quality is pure and unforced. The recorded sound is clean but spacious and warm".


Stephen Eddins,, 20077




The ensemble is first-rate : the intonation is immaculate, the blending of the voices and the balance between the voices in the ensemble is excellent. The rhythmic flexibility, the dynamic shading and the communication of the text are most admirable".


Johann van Veen, Musicweb-international, 2007 


"An exquisite presentation and an enrichment of the repertoire".


 G. Henkel,, 2007